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Suzanne Ahmed Al-Bustan 

Academic Credentials

Ph.D in Human Genetics, Glasgow University, UK. 1992   

B.Sc. in Zoology, Kuwait University, Kuwait, 1987 


Academic Position

Associate Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics


Research Activities

  • Principle Investigator:      
  1. Somatic Cell Microsatellite DNA Instability, Kuwait University (Z043), complete (1996-1998).
  2. Genetic Characterization of Apolipoprotein E in Kuwait, Kuwait University (SL01/ 02), Complete (2003-2004).
  3. Genetic Characterization of Apolipoprotein B in the Kuwaiti Population, Kuwait University (SL05/03), Complete (2005-2008).
  4. The characterization of SNP's at the APOA1/CIII/IV/V gene cluster and its association with triglyceride levels in the Kuwaiti population, Kuwait University (SL09/07), Ongoing (2008-2011).
  5. Screening for putative mutations in the LPL gene in association with TG and HDL-C among a sample of Kuwaiti Arabs, Kuwait University (SL04/11) (2012-2015).
  •  Principle Investigator for M.Sc Projects:
  1. Selective genetic markers in association with the development of heart disease among the Kuwaiti population, Kuwait University (YS06/09), Completed September, 2011.
  2. Characterization of the APOE polymorphism and hypercholesterolemia among the general Kuwaiti population, Kuwait University (YM12/09), Ongoing (01/04/2010-30/09/2011).
  • Co-Investigator:
    • Investigation of Trinucleotide Repeats Instability in Human Breast Cancer, Kuwait University (NPM032), Complete (1996-1998).
    • Genetic variation of some commercially and/or ecologically important animal species in Kuwait, Kuwait University (SL00/03), Complete (2002-2004).
    • The application of microsatellite repeats in the study of genetic diversity and   population structure of selected mammals in Kuwait, Kuwait University (SL02/03),  Complete (2004-2007).
    • Identification of Kuwaiti Populations of Some Commercially Important Aquatic Animal Species using Molecular Markers, Kuwait University (SL05/07), Ongoing (2008-2011).
  1. Characterization of Microphallids from different intermediate host species and geographical localities in Kuwait Bay by sequences of internal transcribed spacers of rDNA (SL08/08), Ongoing (2009-2011).
  2. Association of genetic polymorphisms at the Vitamin K Epoxide Reductase Complex I (VKORC1) and Cytochrome P450 2C9 (CYP2C9) gene loci with Warafin dosage effect in a sample of the Kuwaiti population (MM01/08), (2011-2013).


Teaching interest


1. Undergraduate Courses

Biology Zoo-101 for Medical students (1997-2005)

Biology 0490-101

Introduction to Molecular Biology 0490-281

Genetics 0493-320

Introduction to Molecular Genetics 0497-371

Molecular Basis of Human Disease 0497-404

Molecular Biology 0493-417 (Initiated by me)

Molecular Biology Lab 0497-483 (Initiated by me)

Term Paper 0490-309 & 0493-493

2. Undergraduate Course Coordinator

Biology 0490-101(1995-1998)

Genetics 0493-320 (2005-2010)

Molecular Biology Lab 0497-483 (1997-2012)

3. Graduate Courses

Human Molecular Genetics 2050-511

Molecular Biology II 2050-502

Research Seminar 2050-505

Molecular Biology Techniques 2050-504 (Course Coordinator 2008- to date)



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