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Samir Sayed Radwan

Academic Credentials

Professor of microbiology, Faculty of science, Kuwait University


Ph. D: Microbiology , Munster University, 1964

M. Sc: Plant Physiol., Ain Sahms University, 1961                

B.Sc: Botany Microbiology, Ain Sahms University, 1958

Academic Position

Professor, Dr.

Research Interests

Research (state subject area and no. of publications since enrollment in KU):                

Microbiology, a total of more than 100 original papers and reviews, more than 40 papers thereof on oil-utilizing microorganisms.  

Teaching Interests

Teaching (Subject of courses and prox. Duration) : In KU only              

UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL: Bacteriology, Soil Microbiol., Microbiol. of Air & Water, Microbial Physiol., Industrial Microbiol., Food Microbiol., General Microbiol.            

POSTGRADUATE LEVEL: Research Techniques, Microbial Taxonomy, Aspects of Biotechnol. In addition similar courses were taught at Ain Shams University, Egypt



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