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Narjes Haje Ali Dashti

Academic Credentials

Doctorate Degree: 199 2 -1996, McGill University, Canada (Soil Microbiology)

 Master Degree: 1987-1989, Oregon State University, USA, (Soil Microbiology)

Bachelor Degree: 1979-1982, University of Kuwait, Kuwait, (Microbiology)


Academic Position

Associate Professor


Research Activities

Projects and Grants:

a) Principle Investigator:

 Application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) combined with viral-satellite RNAs to enhanced yield production and to induce protection of tomato crop against cucumber mosaic virus (CMV); Funded by Kuwait University; Project No. SL02/07:

Starting 15/7/2008 ending 14/7/2011


b) Co-Investigator:

 1- Effects of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on the phytoremediation potential of legumes for oily soil ;Funded by Kuwait University; Project SO 01/00:

Starting 1/4/2001 ending 31/3/2005 (Completed)

2-Phytoremidiation for mercury-polluted soil by crop plants and their rhizospheric bacteria; Funded by Kuwait University; Project No. SL08/07

Starting 1/1/2009 ending 31/1/2012


Teaching Interests


a) Undergraduate Courses

0490- 105 Microbiology

0450- 106 Microbial World

0495- 107 Microscopy & Microtechniques

0450- 108 Microbiology

0495- 205 Bacteriology

0495- 343 Microbiology of Air and Water

0495- 407 Soil Microbiology

0495- 408 Food Microbiology

0495-494 Research Project

b) Graduate Courses

M. Sc.Course 0452-513 Plant Pathogen Interaction (offered 2nd semester of each academic year, shared in teaching with Dr. Patrice Sulaiman)

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