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Lamya J. Hayat              

Academic Credentials

1.         B.Sc. Biochemistry, 1975, American University, Beirut, Lebanon.    

2.          M.Sc. Biochemistry, 1979, Kuwait University, Kuwait    

3.          Ph.D., Biochemistry, 1983, University College, London, England. 

Academic Position

Associate Professor

Research Interests    

Trace Elements Change in Relation to Human Diseases. Risk assessment of the environmental pollutants in relation to Human health issues. Sources, Fate and Effect of Pollutants on Marine Environment. New sources of energy for sustainable development. Extraction of  Bioactive Materials from Plants Testing their Pharmaceutical effect on  cancers different types.  

Teaching Interests          

Courses Taught at University Level:

Undergraduate Courses

Biochemistry 101, Introduction to Biochemistry

Biochemistry 111 , Introduction to Biochemistry

Biochemistry 215, Laboratory of physical biochemistry

Biochemistry 217 Biological chemistry.

Biochemistry 219, Biophysical Biochemistry

Biochemistry 311, Lipids and Carbohydrates

Biochemistry 332, Enzymes and Vitamins

Biochemistry 341, Enzyme  Kinetics

   Biochemistry 413, Protein Metabolism

Biochemistry 440, Research Project

Biochemistry 473, Bioenergitics

Biochemistry 475, Current Topic in Biochemistry

Biochemistry 477,  Transport through Biological Membranes 

Graduate Courses

Biochemistry 511, Advanced Biochemistry I

Biochemistry 521, Advanced Biochemistry II

Biochemistry 532 Advanced Biochemistry III

Biochemistry 543, Advanced Nutrition

Biochemistry 554, Seminar

Biochemistry 546, Enzymes mechanism and biotechnology

Biochemistry 598, Thesis II


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