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Azza A. S.  Al-Musallam

Academic Credentials

Ph.D: Mycology (Taxonomy of Fungi), State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, June, 1980.

M.Sc:  Mycology ( Biology of Fungi), University of Cambridge, England UK, October, 1976.                                                

B.Sc: Botany & Chemistry, Kuwait University, Kuwait, May 1971.                                                

Academic Position

Associate Professor

Research Interests

1. Biological Studies on keratinophilic fungi in Kuwait. Kuwait University, KU grant No. SO026, Completed.(P.I).  

2. Studies on the extracellular enzymes from keratin degrading fungi in Kuwait, KU Grant No.SO051, Completed. ( Co.I).

3. Effect of nutritional and physiological conditions on the keratinolytic activities of saprophytic fungi. KU Grant No. SO052, Completed. (P.I.).

4. Molecular cloning of keratinase gene(s) of Chrysosporium zonatum. KU Grant No. SO053, Completed ( Co.I).

5. Induction, purification and characterization of keratin degrading enzymes from fungi. KU Grant No. SO063, Completed (Co.I).

6. Isolation and characterization of halophilic and keratin degrading actinomycetes. KU Grant No. SO064, Completed ( Co.I).

7. Characterization, Symptoms, development and control of bud rot and canker of date palm in Kuwait. KU-KFAS Grant No.SO069, Completed ( Co.I).

8. Effect of carbon and nitrogen compounds on the growth and activities of fungi grown on keratinous substrates. KU Grant No SO080, ( completed).

9. Studies on the heat resistant fungi in Kuwait: A search for potential recycling applications for persistent organic matters. KU grant No. SL04/04 ( Starting date: October 2007) (PI)

10. A study on the seasonal changes of dominance and physiological applications of salt tolerant fungi from a natural salt pond and coastal sabkha in Kuwait. (M.Sc. project, YS01/07) .   Teaching Interests

Courses Taught at University Level:


0490-105         Microbiology (1999- 2001)

0450-106         Microbial world

0495-107         Micro techniques & Microscopy

0450-108*       Microbiology

0450-201*       Microbiology 1.

0495-206         Mycology Bot.

305*               Advanced Mycology

0495-390*       Seminar in Microbiology Bot.

466*               Microbial Ecology

0495-465         Microbiology of Extreme Environments

0495-496 & 0495-497 Microbiology research project.

0495-494         Microbiology research project

* courses are not anymore available in the Microbiology major sheet or their numbers have been changed            


04952-501       Seminar

4952-551                 Microbial Taxonomy.

0952-561         Stress tolerant microorganisms

04952-597 to 598        MSc. Thesis  


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