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Ameena Haider

Academic Credentials

1. Ph.D., Physical Biochemistry, April 2011, University of Nottingham, Queens Medical
Centre, United Kingdom.

2. M.S. Biochemistry, 2005, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

3. B.S. Molecular Biology, 2003, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

Academic Position

Assistant Professor

Field of Specialization

Membrane Transporters: ABC ( ATP-Cassette Binging ) transporters; ABCG family; ABCG2
(also known as BCRP: breast cancer resistant protein or MXR transporter)

Research Interests

PhD work was designed to identify highly co-evolved residues within human ABCG2, which could play important roles affecting ABCG2’s expression, subcellular localization and/or function. Several substrates and inhibitors specific ABCG2 transporter were used while investigating the effect of mutating the previous highly co-evolved residues, by means of fluorescence transport assays, flow cytometry and confocal live cell imaging techniques. In addition, ABCG2 dimerization via bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC) was investigated, through which visualization of ABCG2 dimerization in live cells was enabled.
Future research interest would focus on the same transporter and related ABCG family members but with different research aspects; investigating contribution of the transporter to different health conditions or its response to commonly found natural food products and how these could affect its expression or function in certain tissues or cell lines (mainly cancer cell lines; aiming to overcome multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer cells).



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  3. The ABCG family of membrane-associated transporters: you don't have to be big to be
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  4. Dimerization of ABCG2 analysed by bimolecular fluorescence complementation. Haider AJ,
    Briggs D, Self TJ, Chilvers HL, Holliday ND, Kerr ID. PLoS One. 2011;6(10):e25818. Epub
    2011 Oct 3.177.x.             

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