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Amal Mansour AL-Saffar

Academic Credentials

Ph.D: in Chemistry. Dec.1983 Department of Chemistry, University College, London University. England.

B.Sc:  in Biochemistry, 1976 Dept. of chemistry, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

Academic Position

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

1.            Studies on the Medicinal Properties of Camel Milk

Studying the effect of feeding camel milk to diabetic rats and humans on blood glucose and insulin levels and blood  lipid profile. Recently; studying the effect of feeding camel milk to neonate rats.  

2.         Studies on Growth Factors

In our laboratory; we are studying the expression of certain growth factors (EGF,TGF-alpha, TGF-beta, b-FGF, and IGF) that are involved in the proliferation of colorectal carcinoma ( CRC ). Since these growth factors have synergistic effect on the development of cancer; studying the co-expression of these growth factors could be of great help in understanding the role of the above mentioned growth factors in cancer cases.  

3.         Studies  on Oncogenes

Also in our laboratory we are studying the expression of certain oncogenes; such as c-fos, c-jun, c-erb-B2, c-myc, and c-ras. in CRC cases. The expression of these oncogenes will be correlated to the expression of the studied growth factors in the same CRC cases. The results might explain the unanswered questions related to the development of CRC.  

4.         Identification of New Tumor Markers for CRC

The blood level of the TGF-alpha, b-FGF, and IGFBP-I is determined in CRC cases as well as in healthy people. The results might be used to identify new tumor markers for CRC cases. Qualitative (suothern-blot and immunohistochemistry ) and quantitative  ( ELISA ) methods are use to study the expression of the growth factors and oncogenes.             Looking for a new method for identifying new subclasses of CRC cases, and hence it could be possible to differentiate between the CRC cases which respond to chemotherapy and which do not.    

Teaching Interests

Courses Taught:


1.            101         Biochemistry in Arabic(old curriculum)  .

2.            271         Introduction to Biochemistry.

3.            411         Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism (old curriculum) .

4.            415         Biochemistry II. (Carbohydrate, Lipid, Nucleotide Metabolism)

5.          425         Biochemistry III. ( Metabolism of Nitrogenous Compounds and Integration of Metabolic Pathways).

6.            441         Readings in Biochemistry (old curriculum).

7.            493         Readings in Biochemistry.

8.            494         Research Project in Biochemistry.

9.            464         Nutritional Biochemistry.

10.        466         Chemical Analysis in Nutrition.

11.        475         Topics in Biochemistry, Growth Factors (old curriculum).

12.        444         Training Workshop in Biochemistry.

13.        543         Topics in Nutrition (Graduate Course).

14.        598         Thesis II.


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