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Dr. Abdul Majeed Bahman

Academic Credentials

Assistant Professor, May 1988-todate. Biochemistry Dept., Kuwait University, Kuwait.


Ph. D: July 1988, Molecular Genetics University of Manchester, England, U.K.

M. Sc: Immunology December 1984, University of Birmingham, England, U.K.        

B.Sc: 1976, Joint Honours (Biochemistry/Physiology) 2nd class division one, July 1982, Univ. of Salford, England, U.K.

Academic Position

Assistant Professor

Teaching Interests

Courses Taught at University Level:                                                            

Biology 101 (Biology I)                                                                                                       Bio.Sci. 281 (Introduction to Molecular Biolgy)                                                                            Biochemistry 271 (Introduction to Biochemistry)                                                             Biochemistry 215 (Practical Biological Chemistry)                                                                       Mol. Biol.371 (Introduction to Molecular Genetics)                                                             Biochemistry 372 (Introduction to Molecular Genetics)                                                             Biochemistry 472 (Molecular Biochemistry)                                                                      Biochemistry 475 (Topics in Biochemistry)                                                                                 Mol. Biol 482 (Introduction to Genetic Engineering)  

Designed two new courses:                  

Mol. Biol. 371 (Introduction to Molecular Genetics)                                                                       Mol. Biol. 482 (Introduction to Genetic Engineering)                                    


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